Weight measuring tape for horses and ponies, made of fiberglass and PVC of high resistance and flexibility. Double sided, one for horses and the other one for ponies, it measures both centimeters and weight in kg.

Length: 250 cm.

Ideal for knowing the weight of your horse or pony and being able to monitor the weight, both for weight gain diets and for weight loss. Perfect to know the approximate weight of your horse and to be able to adjust the ration or administer medication and supplements precisely.

How to use:

  • Choose the side of the weight tape that corresponds to your horse or pony.
  • Pass the tape around the barrel, just behind the withers and behind the elbow, towards the girth line.
  • Do not leave it too tight or too loose.
  • Measure with the horse exhaling, not inhaling.
  • The reading of the weight must be done where the blue arrows mark.

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Horse and Pony Weight Tape

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