Nutra Horse

Advanced Clinical Nutrition

Nutra Horse was born from the illusion and need to offer the horse a healthy, balanced diet that is much closer to what it would have naturally in the wild.

Domestication often deprives horses of diverse and abundant access to raw materials and nutrients essential for their development. Many of the nutrients that they would take from nature are lost in the process of domestication due to both a normally poor supply of the market according to areas, and the processing of foods where many of the essential nutrients naturally present are oxidized, giving rise to deficiencies. and pro-inflammatory diets that barely cover the daily requirements of the horse.

This often not only affects the physical well-being of the equine, but also its emotional state.

Horses in the wild travel long distances to meet their needs for fodder, water, mineral salts... On this journey, hundreds of varieties including herbaceous plants, trees, shrubs, fruits, seeds and roots, provide the horse with a diversity of nutrients many times over. hard to reach with domestication. Although this is true, it is also true that diversity does not mean balance and that natural is not automatically synonymous with well-being, since deficiencies can still exist and the scarcity of resources is often a problem for the wild horse.

This is when the hand of man can enrich and balance the horse's nutritional supply and maintain it throughout the year, so that the horse enjoys optimal health without the seasonal decline that would occur in the wild.

But Nutra Horse wants to go beyond meeting the basic requirements of the horse, whether it is a foal, a pregnant mare, a competition horse, at rest or a geriatric one, by making available to owners a personal and balanced diet for each case according to the condition of the horse, breed, activity and pathologies, through the combination of the best raw materials in synergy, with advanced nutraceuticals of scientifically proven efficiency, to enable the horse to become the maximum exponent of itself.

María Durán

María Durán, soul of Nutra Horse; Advanced Clinical Nutrition, is a certified nutritionist in a wide variety of areas that allow us to offer the horse nutritional solutions from a global perspective.

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